The World’s Most Shocking Horror Films

The World's Most Shocking Horror Films

The World’s Most Shocking Horror Films – Every genre of film does have its own fans who are interested in that type of genre, One of the activities is watching horror movies with close friends or family. In addition to supporting the Halloween atmosphere, watching horror films also brings its own enjoyment because it presents a story that will stick firmly in our minds after watching it.

Not infrequently we are surprised and shudder with fear because of the story. For those of you who are curious, here are a series of recommendations for the best horror films of all time that received high ratings to fill your Halloween! Enjoy!

1. Frankenstein (1931)

Although quite old, this horror film published in 1931 managed to make the audience tense. Frankenstein was able to achieve a fairly high rating of 7.9 because it presents layarkaca21 a storyline that is no less interesting.

Frankenstein presents the classic story of a scientist who is obsessed with assembling humans from body parts. With a variety of actions that are scary, tense, epic, and devastating, the story of Frankenstein has managed to become one of the classic films worldwide.

2. Psycho (1960)

The character of the Psycho player is nicknamed the ‘Mother’ of horror films, because he was able to bring his story to a rating of 8.5. This film was also able to win the Golden Globes Award (Best Supporting Actress) and Edgar Allan Poe Awards (Best Motion Picture).

Alfred Hitchcock’s work is one of the iconic films in the history of the horror film industry, as some of its scenes have become standard in horror films.

One of the most superior scenes is when the main character is stabbed with a knife while taking a bath at the Bates Motel. The film Psycho is about a secretary who runs away to a motel after embezzling some money.

3. Night of the Living Dead (1968)

Watching horror films is identical with rampant zombie characters. Zombies are a group of corpses that come back to life and thirst for human blood. Night of the Living Dead, which managed to get a rating of 7.9 through IMDb, depicts a zombie figure that will always be remembered in our minds.

Night of The Living Dead is set in a farmhouse located in Pennsylvania. The film follows 7 strangers trapped in the house, when a group of zombies try to attack them.

4. The Exorcist (1973)

Possession-themed films are also the hallmark of the best horror films. One of them is legendary is The Exorcist, which managed to achieve a rating of 8.

The Exorcist tells the story of a mother’s struggle to save her possessed child. He also asked for the help of two priests to save his possessed child.

The process of saving a possessed body is also described in an epic manner in this film. The typical scene of a possessed woman turning her head back is introduced in this film from the very beginning!

5. Deep Red (1975)

This film by Dario Argento was able to reach a rating of 7.7 on IMDb, you know! Dario Argento is a master of horror whose work has always been a favorite of horror film fans.

One of them is Deep Red, an Italian-giallo horror film that has its own characteristics. Mysterious murder using leather gloves, lighting with strong colors; artistic visuals, unrealistically complicated storylines, are the hallmarks of Dario Argento’s work.…

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