Getting to know the Over Under Asianbookie Bet

Getting to know the Over Under Asianbookie Bet

Getting to know the Over Under Asianbookie Bet – For soccer gambling players, especially in the aisanbookie market, and first you need to know the history of this type of market.

For Indonesian citizens, whether football bettors or not, they should be proud. What’s the reason? None other than the inventors or pioneers of the term “asian handicap” or “asia handicap” namely Indonesians. It turns out that Indonesia has many great people in their own fields even though they have never been highlighted by the media. Wow! Then what is the history or origin of the Asian handicap soccer market? Follow our review below.

It started in the 1990s when the sports betting market (sportbook) began to attract the interest of speculators, the rich, investors, gamblers in Asian places. At that time the sports betting market from America and Europe began to penetrate into Asia and its surroundings, including in Indonesia. At that time, we rarely received information about sports betting, especially online, except for a website that focused on that area. The website was named: We who specifically provide information about news, predictions and sports betting markets and at that time the focus was more on the basketball market.

After listening to a lot about the Asianbookie Handicap Football Market at the Soccer Agent. Now it is known from the secret of How to Win Over Under Ball Online. If you don’t have a special account to place bets online, you can directly click on our live chat.

Over/Under is an online game which is a bet on the number of goals between the two competing teams. We provide examples below such as:

If the Final Score is 1 – 0 | 0 – 1 then the total number of goals is 1
If the Final Score of the Match is 1 – 1 | 0 – 0 then the total number of goals is 2
If the Final Score is 2 – 0 | 0 – 2 then the total number of goals is 2
If the Final Score is 2 – 1 | 1-2 then the total number of goals is 3
And also the final match and the normal time is 45 minutes x 2 = 90 Minutes.

Tips for knowing how to read the Over/Under ball market as follows:

The Over Under 0.5 market is asian handicap 1/2
The Over Under 0.5-1 market is an asian handicap of 3/4
Over Under 1 market is asian handicap 1
Over Under 1-1.5 markets are asian handicap 1 1/4
Over Under 1.5 market is asian handicap 1 1/2
Over Under 1.5-2 market is asian handicap 1 3/4
Over Under 2 market is asian handicap 2
How to find out the online football Asianbookie is over under

We recommend playing in the early stages.
  • If you place an online bet in the Worms League such as the Japanese League, Iran, Israel. It’s better that you can put Under until the first 30 minutes of the first half than the ratio ratio in the first 30 minutes is very large.
  • If you play over, play in leagues that often score goals such as the English League, German Bundesliga, Spanish La Liga, Dutch League.
  • If you play Under you can choose Leagues that rarely score goals such as the Iran League, Israel League, Japan League, French League and Italian League Serie A
  • It is better to look for matches that have a large Over market to bet Over and a small Under market to place an Under bet
  • English and Spanish Leagues often score goals in the 75th minute and over
  • Don’t bet under if one of the teams gets a red card
  • Pay attention to the substitution of players because there is a crucial point from creating a goal
  • It’s better for you to bet Over/Under based on the statistics of the previous 5 meetings of the two teams
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